My Mugging experience…

I’m not sure this comes under news, but definetely current affairs….
At 22:20 last night I got mugged…. shame that as I really liked that phone. I was walking past somewhere on my own and a guy I had notice on the bus with what appeared blood on him had obviously followed me. Noticed my phone pulled out a knife and asked me for it. I reckon I could have took him but the state of him really put me off having a go. Well I decided that it was best to give him the phone (especially since he didn’t know I had my mac laptop and my ipod in my bag… feeling quite smug about that part to be honest). I did, however, make sure that he didn’t get away with my sim card… I told him you can have the phone but not my sim card I want that. Since he backed down on this I probably should have just gone at him but I thought again best not too and I was getting the thing that really mattered to me out of it all. So s**t happens. People are w**kers. Oh well… ruins my other perfect night… just gave a public talk about exoplanets in Kidderminster….

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