Black Holes and White Rabbits

This Thursday I have organised a talk at the University of Birmingham… come along if you fancy it:

Black Holes and White Rabbits: Man Made Magic and Stellar Physics
Scotland’s Astronomer Royal, Professor John Brown, will be giving the 5th ‘Patrick Moore’ lecture on Thursday 7th December at the University of Birmingham’s School of Physics and Astronomy. An accomplished magician, he will not only be talking about the cosmos and black holes, but will be illustrating astro-physics by performing some of his magic tricks for the audience.
Professor John Brown says, ‘Studying astronomy is like a magic show with the cosmos as performer and using magic is a great way to illustrate and excite interest in astronomy. As they evolve stars perform astonishing chemistry tricks, however, supreme in cosmic stellar magic are black holes, most of which are the corpses of exploded massive stars. They distort space and time in weird ways and may even be implicated in the birth of universes and of the laws of physics. These properties are impossible to bring into the lecture theatre, but can be demonstrated by means of man made magic.’
John Brown is Regius Professsor of Astronomy in Glasgow and 10th Astronomer Royal for Scotland, a title founded in 1834. He has held visiting research fellow posts in 17 institutions worldwide in the fields of solar and stellar physics. In 2003 in received an award of the UK Institute for Physics for his public outreach work, specifically for his programme of Starlab planetarium shows in schools and his use of magic to illustrate physical and astronomical phenomena.
The lecture is suitable for all ages and is free and open to the general public. It takes place in the lecture theatre in the Poynting Physics building on the Edgbaston campus of the University of Birmingham at 7.30pm on Thursday 7th December.

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