The Automatic Rock the Guild…

Last night the Automatic came along and rocked the [University of Birmingham Guild of Students]. This sort of thing is a rarity here in Brum and we hardly ever have any bands along, never mind a well known one! I was not going to miss this chance and so as soon as I found out I got tickets. The Automatic, mostly known for their “whats that coming over the hill” song (Monster), got a good response though for the first half of the gig the crowd seemed somewhat zombiefied. I hate it when the crowd just stand there, Lizzie was doing her best to jump around but there was like only 10 people in the whole place doing it. Thankfully the crowd started to pick up after Monster was played. I think the second half of their set was much better than the first but then again the crowd didn’t give them much until Monster was played. I expected that this might be the case as it is probably right to say that 80% of the people there probably only knew this and, maybe, Raoul by them. I’m not moaning though, as I got to see a great band in my Guild… something that I have not been able to do before (I have seen 911 in the Guild before but they aren’t a great band and it was not by choice!). I had left my camera at home and so the best I got with my camera phone was this:

but you get the idea, a band on the stage… yipee! 🙂

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