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Astrosoc: a new committee

On Thursday I stepped down as Chair of Astrosoc. Being my second time of doing this I am slightly pleased to know that I have put in lots of hard work for the society. I have now been on the committee for a total of 4.5 years! However, I have not stopped being on the committee yet.. I have rised to the challenge of being the webmaster. A much lower role but allows me to still be involved, which I am pleased about 🙂
Like always we had a photo opportunity at the end of the night…
The old committee…
Committee 2006
The new committee… slightly dodgy pic but thats normal..
Committee 2007
oh and me talking (and boring everyone) for the last time as Chair.
me at astrosoc agm

I do the job of being an introducer (is that a word?)

I introduce the audience to our guest speaker, Prof John Brown, back in December (photo by Scott Porter)
I introduce Prof John Brown

Time to step down from Astrosoc

I never thought I would be doing this again.I guess it was two years ago now that I stepped down as Chair of The University of Birmingham Astronomical Society. I was in the 4th year of my undergraduate degree and I had to. Now I am in the second year of my PhD and ran astrosoc again last year because people wanted me to. I have enjoyed another successful year. We have had some great events including a rather full lecture theatre for our December public talk by Prof John Brown, Royal Astronomer for Scotland. We were also given the award of Best Student Physics Society for 2006 by the Institute of Physics, this is an award I am most proud to have received. Anyway, tonight is out with the old and in with the new.biggrin.gif

Buckets of blood readied….

Now I bet that got you intrigued? It did me… it seems that some people go to the limits to get in the history books. Shame I doubt he will be remembered, I have never heard of the guy before.. oh I should probably explain what the heck I am ranting on about shouldn’t I? huh.gif Well, here we go “Buckets of blood readied for Slovenian’s Amazon swim” was the title I was met with on reuters earlier today. Of course I clicked on it. Quite an interesting article about how this guy, Martin Strel, who is going to attempt to swim up the Amazon. Better him than me. I would rather not walk there with all of those nasties never mind swim! Good luck to him though. Full article: []
and his website can be found []

9/11 Mysteries

I have never been convinced about the reports of how the WTC collapsed, it just didn’t sound physical possible / rather coincidental that all the conditions existed for it to collapse. Today I came across the 9/11 Mysteries documentary on Google videos, take a look [here]. It is well worth a watch as it is rather interesting.

Institute of Physics Award Dinner

Astrosoc, the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society, which I am Chair of won the best student society award of the Institute of Physics for 2006. We were really honored by this. Kym and I had the chance to go and pick up the award at the IOP Awards dinner on Thursday night, it was a rather grand affair. I am not used to being introduced to a room when I enter and having to shake peoples hands. It was nice though. I am also not used to having to toast to the Queen but I guess that is what you get when you are having such a large event at the Savoy hotel in London. It was very enjoyable and I had a great night, shame about the weather. We had huge issues on the way down but, unlike some people, at least we got to the event.
Tree on the line on the way down:
Kym and I looking happy with the award 🙂
Ok I was pleased to have a name tag! 🙂

Doomsday Clock moves closer

The Doomsday clock has been moved to 5 minutes to midnight. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have decided that the threat of global climate change is so bad that it now has to be included into the end of the world scenario. Scary stuff really. We are now on the point when we could destroy the Earth, not by war but by our own stupidity. Come on people do you need to drive that car for a 10 minute walk?
More at: []

“Jade ‘faces fight to save career'” – what career?

I was reading the BBC news website earlier when I came across this title “”Jade ‘faces fight to save career'” – ([].
Argh, all I have heard via the media machine is this bollocks about some nobody. The bitch made her money from being dumb, not just dumb but ignorant. I swear this is Britain to a tea. Not the racist culture that has been suggested but the culture were the ignorant get it given to them on a plate. I am one for a responsible state were we care for each other and look after each other but not one were people sit on their arse doing nothing. Jade is “famous” for being a loud mouth idiot. Britain celebrates lack of education or attempt to better herself by putting her on the television were the other idiots vote for her (costing them money) to give to this idiot. ARGH! Much worse than this, I then have to hear about it in every direction… argh!

Off to London tomorrow… to collect an award

I get to go pick up the Best Student Society award tomorrow night at the Institute of Physics Awards evening, I’ m quite pleased as this shows that our efforts to make the University of Birmingham Astronomical the best society we can be have not been in vain, yay! 🙂
More on the award [here]

A trip to the Park

I went over to the park to try and spot a comet earlier, no luck – I think I have missed this one… damn clouds mad.gif. Though I got some good shots of the Sun going down..
Witton Lakes Sunset 3
Witton Lakes Park Sunset 1
Witton Lakes Park Sunset 2