Hundred Reason Gig

Last night I took Lizzie to see [Hundred Reasons]. This was a gig that I was postponed from October and on the way to the gig my initial enthusiam had died, the last album by Hundred Reasons has not been on my regular playlist for a while and I overlistened to it a bit before. Anyway I had tickets and I knew I would have a good time when I was there… luckily we missed the rain on the way to the academy biggrin.gif.
We missed most of the first band, dinner had to come first cool.gif, I think they were called [God Fires Man]. They sounded ok but I didn’t catch much of them.
The second band was, [Kinds In Glass Houses], who were quite good.. I even bought their EP from their little stall. It was a fiver so I’m not going to complain… since I was only on the water at the gig its not like I didn’t spend much – for once. I think they sound a bit like a welsh Falloutboy, less so on the CD but live they did have that sound off them. Ok they sound a bit emo… 🙂 I liked them though…
Hundred Reasons did a good set and the crowd got going a lot more than I expected, I always think that crowd surfing in the Academy 2 must be deadly, the stage is rather close to the barrier… oh well, I bet a few people have bruised limbs and they don’t care.


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