“Jade ‘faces fight to save career'” – what career?

I was reading the BBC news website earlier when I came across this title “”Jade ‘faces fight to save career'” – ([news.bbc.co.uk].
Argh, all I have heard via the media machine is this bollocks about some nobody. The bitch made her money from being dumb, not just dumb but ignorant. I swear this is Britain to a tea. Not the racist culture that has been suggested but the culture were the ignorant get it given to them on a plate. I am one for a responsible state were we care for each other and look after each other but not one were people sit on their arse doing nothing. Jade is “famous” for being a loud mouth idiot. Britain celebrates lack of education or attempt to better herself by putting her on the television were the other idiots vote for her (costing them money) to give to this idiot. ARGH! Much worse than this, I then have to hear about it in every direction… argh!


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