Buckets of blood readied….

Now I bet that got you intrigued? It did me… it seems that some people go to the limits to get in the history books. Shame I doubt he will be remembered, I have never heard of the guy before.. oh I should probably explain what the heck I am ranting on about shouldn’t I? huh.gif Well, here we go “Buckets of blood readied for Slovenian’s Amazon swim” was the title I was met with on reuters earlier today. Of course I clicked on it. Quite an interesting article about how this guy, Martin Strel, who is going to attempt to swim up the Amazon. Better him than me. I would rather not walk there with all of those nasties never mind swim! Good luck to him though. Full article: [reuters.co.uk]
and his website can be found [www.amazonswim.com]


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