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SN1987a 20years on…

It has now been a twenty years since the discovery of the supernova that gave astronomers a kick in the pants about their understanding of the death of stars. It was possibly the best observed supernova ever with Hubble being utilised to take detailed images. These observations have allowed for a detailed model of the final “breathes” of a star. The star is 163,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It actually blew up about 161,000 B.C., but its light reached the Earth in 1987. I remember studying the “light-echoes” produced by the explosion as an undergrad.. and from the other week as I now have the fun of teaching the same lab.. 🙂 For more, and some pretty pictures, see [here]

Iran launches to space…

Umm, I’m not sure how I feel about the news that Iran has launched its first rocket to space.. I always think that scientific endeavour is good but I have a feeling they are only doing this to show of some pride in what they are military capable of. I guess this might make the US think twice about attacking them… more [here]

Wow – XP on 8MHz processor

Some people obviously have lots of time to waste, but if you are gonna waste it – waste it in a geek way! 🙂 [8MHz XP!]

Aston Villa Reserve Match

Yesterday I noticed that Villa reserves were playing at home. Villa normally play their reserve matches in Walsall which is awkward to get to. Since I like to actually watch live football, not just on the tv, and live a 10 minute bus ride away – I went (with my Dad)! It was quite nice to see some live football. I hate the prices of the games at the moment and can’t justify spending all that cash. I’m a Liverpool fan and so would obviously rather see them, but I like to see the occasional match… and at £2 for an adult I couldn’t moan! It was a good game with some incident. Villa won 3 – 1 against Charlton…
villapark190207 2

villapark190207 031

Bowling For Soup Gig

Last Night I had the pleasure of watching Bowling for Soup rock the Birmingham Carling Academy. The gig was great and just as I expect Bowling for Soup definitely put on a show. Sometimes a little too much show and not enough gig but it was thoroughly enjoyable. Lots of fun and well worth the cash. They are coming back for Download (which I may attend this year for a change from Reading) and a tour later in October… I think I will have to see them again.
The Fabulous Bowling for Soup….
Bowling For Soup 1
Bowling for Soup with UK tour background..
Bowling For Soup 2
A soft focus image of the stage…
Bowling For Soup 3

No proprietary software in schools!

I really feel we should teach a wide range of IT tools in Schools. Currently we focus too much on microsoft technologies and people just don’t have a clue about how you can do things for free! You don’t need to buy £200 office you can get open office for free etc… There currently is a petition (yes another one in the same day) to the UK government to try and change policy on this and, of course, to save the country some money! [Teach Open Source]

Want a starry sky at night?

Then why not join the petition to the UK government to do something about light pollution…

Vista first look: Bugs and confusion

This article, ,[Vista first look: Bugs and confusion] quite nicely describes what I feel about Vista. Vista is good but when I have used it I just would prefer to be using a Mac.

Flowers for Lizzie

For valentines day I bought Lizzie some roses….