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University of Birmingham Guild Awards 2007

Last night was the University of Birmingham Guild Awards 2007. These took place in the decked out Deb hall (it had a massive star cloth which looked well cool!). It was a good night (once a few sillness’ at the start were sorted). Of course I am going to be happy as I won an award! YAY!
I was awarded the “Ross Barlow Memorial Prize for outstanding individual student” which means alot. I have been invovled in Guild societies (abliet mostly astrosoc) for 6 years and I feel I have put in a huge amount of time – enjoyed every second. The Guild means a lot to me, though I do moan about it most of the time! I’m not sure exactly what to say on this, I’m not saying I don’t like attention but I am used to being the person who does lots of organisation and isn’t always in the spotlight.
I found Ben Whitehouse’s (Project and Event Support Co-ordinator.) words on facebook quite fitting…:
“My other favourite memory will be watching the various groups and individuals who won look slightly surprised as they punched the air. I even got a little teary as I watched Sam George accept his award for outstanding individual student. It’s been two years since I met Ross Barlow briefly at my first event at the guild of students. It was the student group awards on the Tuesday of my first week at work. I was very new and very unaware of just how passionate our groups could get. Ross clearly loved volunteering for various groups and got a kick out of being involved. Ruth described Ross as having a dry sense of humour… I caught just a little of that on the night. Ross died in a hang gliding accident later that week.”
More about the event: [redbrick]
And now some pics… me and Lizzie having fun..
Me and Kym,
Adam and Maz perform for Ballroom dancing..


Emergency Info Worldwide..

Ever wanted to know what emergencies are going on world wide? huh.gif Well you can with… []… its rather interesting but also a little scary

The Moon last night

I managed to take an image of the Moon with my digital camera in projection on my scope. I’m sure if my mount was a bit better I would have gotten a much better image, maybe time to invest.
Anyway here we go…

Fancy having an online planetarium program that allows you to search for object, see the normal map and the SDSS map with astrophotos for most objects? If so take a look at [] .. and no its not a google tool, but it does remind me of google maps. Really cool.

Moon and Venus

Whilst out the other day I got the chance to take a lovely shot of the crescent Moon with Venus.. you possibly need to look at the larger versions to full appreciate that Venus is on these images..

Kym’s 21st

For my friend Kym’s 21st birthday party we went out to Nando’s, followed by cocktails, Flares and then a house party.. gosh that girl got it all biggrin.gif.
Here are a couple of photos that really stick out from the night….
Lizzie with hat…
Kym turning nice a quickly so I get a face full of hair..
Adam, well being Adam…
It’s above you…
Me and Tom with the ‘fro’s…
Maz and Adam giving us a light show on the dancefloor..

BBC WM: Is there anyone out there?

Oh yes I was on the radio again yesterday! This time to do some promotion for the talk we had at the University of Birmingham last night. Oh out of interest this was a talk by Prof Ian Morison of Jodrell Bank Observatory. He was talking about the possibilities and the quest for the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence. Anyway, I gave my 2pence worth on this subject earlier in the day.. on the radio, ekk.
Oh here is the link to the file (thanks to filewind!)… [BBC WM: me on Aliens]