BBC Asian Network: Lunar Eclipse

The otherday, well Friday, I was on the BBC Asian Network Breakfast show to talk about the Lunar Eclipse that was going to happen at the weekend (It happened last night see my pics [here]). I was only on for about a minute as we were caught short due to another item, I don’t mind it is always fun to try and promote astronomy. I am not sure I was entirely happy talking next to an astrologer but I do have a lot more respect for people who do it for reglious reasons like the Hindu chap who spoke after me. If you aren’t doing it for financial reasons then it isn’t so bad. I’m not saying that I won’t try and convince people that astrology is a pile of… but at least he has more of a reason behind it. Anyway if you want you can catch the whole 3 minutes of fun… [here] (thanks again to
The last time I was on the radio was a bit longer and if you fancy hearing me and Dr Somak Raychaudhury have a general chat about astronomy on the BBC WM Radio station take a look [here]


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