Eclipse of the Moon

Tonight the Moon disappeared into the shadow of the Earth…. I decided that it would be cool to see if but even cooler if I actually got a few photos, and I did.. yay!
The Moon rises…
upto030307 273
The eclipse begins…
lunareclipse030307 047
At totality the Moon turns a deep red due to light being refracted around the Earth’s atmosphere.. coooool!
lunareclipse030307 104
lunareclipse030307 177
This is due to refractor of light from the Sun in the Earth’s atmosphere.
As the eclipse ends the Moon shows its true power again..
lunareclipse030307 314
My telescope and the Moon
lunareclipse030307 364


One response to “Eclipse of the Moon”

  1. Blog says :

    I got up at 4.30 for this…

    Yep another astronomical event and another cloudy sky. Thinking back to the numerous events over my life time I swear there has only been two events that has not been really disapointing due to cloud, the [Venus transit in…

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