Uncyclopedia – the fun alternative to Wiki…

I don’t know how I haven’t come across this before but I didn’t until yesterday. Uncyclopedia is basically the piss take of Wikipedia and is full of useless (and pretty funny) stuff. It can be found at [uncyclopedia.org].
A couple of funny quotes off their so far..
“Jesus, attempted to break Newtons third law, accidently creating Japan and other nuisances. Was seen on the set of Star Gate in 1989 lifting up the skirt of director George Lucas — May lead to an upcoming episode.”
In fact the whole star gate article is pretty funn [star gate]
“Windows Apocalypse – At the end of the universe, Microsoft will release an operating system that has no errors. That is why many people think that the universe will never end.”
About David Cameron (leader of UK Conservative Party)..
“I was educated at a small school called Eton where I achieved reasonable grades, but these were good enough to study at my local university in Oxford. I may or may not have led a very quiet life at university. We probably shouldn’t dwell on that fact. The same goes for my time at Eton. Nothing particularly interesting happened in my private life before politics (a private life which I’m perfectly entitled to, by the way) and nobody really cares about it anyway. I don’t even know why I brought it up.”


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