University of Birmingham Guild Awards 2007

Last night was the University of Birmingham Guild Awards 2007. These took place in the decked out Deb hall (it had a massive star cloth which looked well cool!). It was a good night (once a few sillness’ at the start were sorted). Of course I am going to be happy as I won an award! YAY!
I was awarded the “Ross Barlow Memorial Prize for outstanding individual student” which means alot. I have been invovled in Guild societies (abliet mostly astrosoc) for 6 years and I feel I have put in a huge amount of time – enjoyed every second. The Guild means a lot to me, though I do moan about it most of the time! I’m not sure exactly what to say on this, I’m not saying I don’t like attention but I am used to being the person who does lots of organisation and isn’t always in the spotlight.
I found Ben Whitehouse’s (Project and Event Support Co-ordinator.) words on facebook quite fitting…:
“My other favourite memory will be watching the various groups and individuals who won look slightly surprised as they punched the air. I even got a little teary as I watched Sam George accept his award for outstanding individual student. It’s been two years since I met Ross Barlow briefly at my first event at the guild of students. It was the student group awards on the Tuesday of my first week at work. I was very new and very unaware of just how passionate our groups could get. Ross clearly loved volunteering for various groups and got a kick out of being involved. Ruth described Ross as having a dry sense of humour… I caught just a little of that on the night. Ross died in a hang gliding accident later that week.”
More about the event: [redbrick]
And now some pics… me and Lizzie having fun..
Me and Kym,
Adam and Maz perform for Ballroom dancing..


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