Astrosoc Camping Trip

Last weekend [Astrosoc] went camping… lots of fun!
We headed down to Maz’s house near Bristol for some clear and dark skies. It was nice and clear but the
blasted Moon stopped it from being too dark. We knew this would be the case so weren’t too bothered.
It was damn cold though, with the wind chill it must have gone under freezing, some decent observing conditions
but not the best to sleep in a tent in! It was hard enough to put the tents up, nevermind sleep in them though…
The first night brought a lovely sunset… (note: the birds, which I stood ages trying to get!)
With the sunset out came the Moon, alowing me to take this nice shot of it over the local Church.
As it became darker the Moon’s full glory was shown and I managed to get quite a few shots (just a select few here) of the Moon via placing my digital camera up against the telescope eyepiece (not the proper way to go about it, but it works!)…
Once we had the Moon we decided to go Planet spotting… and up came Saturn – I saw Saturn with the best view I probably ever have had, shame I couldn’t manage to get the best shot but at least you can tell it is Saturn.
The next day we went out for a drive, starting off at Cheddar Gorge. For this me and Tom decided to become the brave explorers we always knew we were…
After another (cold) and fun nights observing we were heading back to Birmingham… not before some odd antics…


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