New names for the recently discovered satellites of Juputer, Saturn…

The IAU has approved the following new designations and names of
satellites of Jupiter and Saturn:
Jupiter XLIX Kore = S/2003 J 14
Saturn XXXVI Aegir = S/2004 S 10
Saturn XXXVII Bebhionn = S/2004 S 11
Saturn XXXVIII Bergelmir = S/2004 S 15
Saturn XXXIX Bestla = S/2004 S 18
Saturn XL Farbauti = S/2004 S 9
Saturn XLI Fenrir = S/2004 S 16
Saturn XLII Fornjot = S/2004 S 8
Saturn XLIII Hati = S/2004 S 14
Saturn XLIV Hyrokkin = S/2004 S 19
Saturn XLV Kari = S/2006 S 2
Saturn XLVI Loge = S/2006 S 5
Saturn XLVII Skoll = S/2006 S 8
Saturn XLVIII Surtur = S/2006 S 7
The IAU has designated the Uranian ring 1986 U the ‘zeta ring’.


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