Riding a bike!

I have never really rode a bike in my life. I think I must have tried as a kid but I never really had any sense of balance. Well a while ago I decided I should learn so I bought a bike. Yesterday I gave it a go, with Lizzie’s help, and managed to stay on for a while. We realised that there were a few issues we needed to fix, we had not tightened the handlebars enough and they moved making it hard to ride. Today, I went over to the park on my own and though I kept looking like I might fall into the lake (consquently having to stop to readjust) I managed to ride quite successfully about the park. I was knackered though, really showing my lack of fitness. Oh well, lots of fun! Why did I not do this as a kid?
14april07 092

2 responses to “Riding a bike!”

  1. Rob says :

    I’m really sorry to point this out… but your handlebars are on backwards. The front forks should rake forwards and the brake pads should lead the forks. It will help the stability of the bike a lot!!

  2. krioma says :

    Hi Rob,
    thanks for the comment… we realised once I started riding… and oh yes it helped a lot! and by a lot I mean I stopped falling off when I turned! šŸ™‚

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