Rockets at the mailbox last weekend

Last weekend and the one before were so much fun. We took over the BBC Birmingham’s public space inside the mailbox to build and launch air rockets. This resulted in me being quite tired after launching countless numbers of them! This was part of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the BBC television show “The Sky at Night” – a show that is produced at the Birmingham centre. Over the course of four days some 2,000 members of the general public passed into our reaches! They were treated to a variety of fun activities that utlimately ended up with kids building rockets and having them propelled upwards by compressed air. Lots hit the ceiling but only one managed to wedge itself into the roof tiling. Woops! It was lots of fun.. if you missed out, watch out as we might come and do this again.
The event was put together by the BBC and the University of Birmingham Astrophysics and Space Research group (with lots and lots of help from Astrosoc, the University’s astronomy society).
I took some quite cool vids of the rockets being launched and I’ll get these put online soon….
More photos can be found [here].


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