Scientology: Religion or Cult?

Now this is a question I don’t particularly want to address as you never know what could happen. Anyone who reads my blog regularly can guess my view on this… I have had my stress test and came out of it with a moist feeling on my hands that can only mean I sweated and caused the current of the detector to increase… anyway the reason I bring this title up is because of the recent BBC Panorama programme which I thought was quite interesting though it did not address the question at hand. Is Scientology a cult or religion? I don’t actually think they went out to address this question but more to look into their activities. I was shocked what they found. If you want to watch the programme try [here]. Worth a watch. Their aggressiveness and complete disregard for laws and common human respect was awful. Nevermind if they are or aren’t a cult – they are indeed a bunch of scary, paranoid, people. All I would say to anyone who is a scientologist or thinking about becoming one… have a look around and read the info that other people are telling you than just them. If you were buying a phone you would and this is a far more drastic decision.


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