Astronomical Linux

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned this in the past but I have noticed a bit of a change since I last did (whenever that was, I’m tired and being too lazy to search the archives!)… but if you are an astronomer and want to switch over to linux to do your imaging etc… then you should really give Lin4Astro go. Lin4Astro is a pretty solid Linux distribution that has a combination of the usual and bloody essentially linux tasks and some very cool and sophisticated astronomical software. This should nicely fill most observers needs and of course is being developed continously, oh and its free!! Take a look… [].
Oh and on that note take a look at [] for a decent list of useful astronomical software available on linux (this list is very far from exhaustive though).
In other news, cause I’m tired and in the need for a bit of a rant… I think I may have just completed my first paper to be submitted to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Publication… wooo hooo…. better check it in the morning though as tiredness has really kicked in now!

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