The wrecking of British science

“If the world’s future lies in scientists’ hands, the answers are unlikely to come from the UK unless we reverse decades of political neglect” wrote Nobel laureate Sir Harry Kroto in a article for the Guardian newspaper last week. Shame its all true.
The UK is seeing a drain of people interested in science… and it has been noticeable over the years I have been at Uni.. more people now do “silly” courses than did when I started my undergrad.. what do they hope to get from this? Do they really think that a useless degree will help them in a future career.. a degree is a degree after all, it has to mean something doesn’t it? Well this is not true for all degrees. It is well worth doing a subject if you have a natural enjoyement / interest in it but is it worthwile doing if you think it will make you rich? Possibly, some degrees might but most probably won’t. They will put you in financial debt. Of course going to Uni is far from just about the academic education but it is not worthwhile going into it blindly.
Anyway, the article by Sir Harry Kroto (thanks to Lizzie’s mom for pointing it out…) is well worth a read and can be found at: []


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