Running Windows Apps on Ubuntu (/linux)

I have been running ubuntu for quite some time now and recently started played around with running windows applications on it. To do this I have been using the Wine package. [Wine] is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix. Essentially this allows you to run windows apps through it. Quite nifty as there are more than a couple of Windows programs that I can’t live without. The first, and what I will show you how to setup, is Fairuse Wizard – a tool for extracting dvd content.
If you are using ubuntu then the installation is pretty simple (it is for most Linux distro’s I suggest you take a look at the [Wine pages] for more info on diffenet ones). So how do we get it working ok, at the terminal windows type:
> sudo aptitude install wine
This will ask you if you are sure in a bit, obiously say yes if you want to try this 🙂
Now you need to configure wine so run:
> winecfg
Load the “Drives” tab, and click “Autodetect…”.
Once you have done this it will assign windows drive letters to your drives.
> cd .wine/
and list the directory contents (ls) or in the file manager (make sure you can view hidden files) go to the .wine directory. You should now see the directory drive_c (or similar).
Now you need to get the fairuse (or whatever) setup file, so use:
Now Run the installer with Wine
> wine FU-Setup_LE.exe
Now install the program like you would in windows, the look might not be the same but it should work.
Once installed, with any luck you have a desktop icon (if so run this), just run the executable from the correct directory with wine and you are go…
> wine FU.EXE
Here is the proof…
fair use wizard on ubuntu
Now one less reason why I need windows on a regular basis…


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