Grad School Poster Competition

On Tuesday I gave a poster presentation at the University of Birmingham’s first graduate school poster competition. This is not a major event but I thought it would be the chance to try and explain some physics to non-scientists and thought it would be fun, it was….
uptojune14 003
The abstract for my poster was:

The field of exoplanets is one of the youngest in astronomy, the first exoplanet was discovered in 1992. Currently some 200 planets have been found orbiting nearby stars. All of these have been discovered via indirect measurements. A large number of these planets are quite unlike the planets in our own solar system. We shall describe their nature and the methods of detection. We also believe that exoplanets will be strong emitters of radio energy thus allowing a means for direction detection.

Oh and the full version can be found [here] (its a 4mb file).

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