Highlights from my trip to Plymouth

A couple of weeks ago I went on a much needed holiday… to Plymouth cool.gif. Yep I didn’t need the shades as the rain that has blighted the british summer continued, oh well. I still had lots of fun, plus I got to spend 5 days with wonderful Lizzie, I’m sure she might not quite see it that way around… oh I will do these highlights in pictures mostly.
Though there weather was not always great we did get a couple of really nice skies…
One of the first features that came to my eyes was the lighthouse, moved a considerable distance onto the Hoe for protection…
I even went up to the top of it…
As our walk continued I realised I probably should not have taken this…
A rocky beach…
.. but lizzie seemed to enjoy throwing rocks.. well I did anyway laughing.gif
I love this photo, I feel I have captured Lizzie and rocks quite well..
In Devon you have to eat pasties (though we didn’t eat here as lizzie would not pose eating a pasty for me… mad.gif)
What more walking…
The Merchant’s House, a must visit if you want to learn about the history of Plymouth. It has lots of cool stuff inside, including a whole old chemist with the shop front and all…. some wonderful ladies spoke to me and Lizzie in there, giving us probably the best value for money historical site I have ever been in (it cost just £1.40 each)…
We also went around the Elizabethan house which was good fun and there is some nice but not completely inspiring gardens..
..though it did have a water feature…
.. and some interesting stone work.. is this the Mayflower?
We also had a look around the cathedral that was devestated in WWII, it now has some modern stained glass windows, I love stained glass windows…
.. oh and we also went on a boat trip, not quite what Lizzie had in mind but I was more than happy as we went around the docks and we saw the nuclear subs… but I’m not a boat person…
Oh and we did countless other things, but we really can’t forget the National Marine Aquarium it was great fun, with lots of fishes and the deepest shark tank in Europe!
In all it was great fun, many other photos can be found on my flickr account or [here]


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