Trip To Jodrell Bank and Little Moreton Hall

The other day we (I and Lizzie’s family) went for a nice day out up to the home of UK Radio Astronomy. It was a very good day for it too. Nice blue skies with some interesting clouds. When we got to Jodrell Bank we found that the Lovell telescope was unfortunately parked at the zenith for some maintenance work. This is not a huge problem as you still get to see how quite enormous this structure is. I have seen quite a few radio telescopes now but the Lovell telescope always makes me go WOW! It was great fun walking around the site and though the visitor centre isn’t very large they do have quite a fun little 3D space theatre and it is all pretty cheap. Its a great family day out and since it is the 50th anniversary of the Lovell telescope and indeed Sputnik, it is worth a pop up to see it.
upto_10thaug 173
upto_10thaug 126
upto_10thaug 139
upto_10thaug 143
oh and trust me to find Ceres (a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt normally) in an odd place:
upto_10thaug 179
After we Jodrell we went over to Little Moreton Hall for some lunch and a nice walk around. I can’t believe I’m saying this, I might actually becoming cultured, but I joined the National Trust… only because it will be cheaper in the long run, honest! Little Moreton Hall was quite interesting – its a timber-framed, moated manor house! It was built in the 16th Century and has not changed much since the time of the Tudor’s.
upto_10thaug 234
upto_10thaug 215
upto_10thaug 188


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