Albums of 2007

So then, its that time of the year – the end! I can’t believe another year has passed, it doesn’t feel like 5 minutes since we started this one. It has been a successful one and since I constantly listen to music whilst I am working I feel the need to think about my favourite music from the last year… and here we go… this is my top 20 albums, I don’t have time to do anymore (or the singles like I once did). All of these albums have been released in the last year (at least in the UK I should say).
20. The Bravery – The Sun and The Moon

I have to say I was very disappointed by the second album by these guys, I was expecting much more – still its a pretty solid record and I feel it deserves to just make it into the charts.


19. Sum 41 – Underclass Hero

sum 41
Like the Bravery, Sum 41 slightly disappoint with their latest album, its good but no where near what I would have expected from their past work. My fav track has to be their opening track… goes a bit downhill from there, unfortunately.


18. VA – Transformers: The Album

Ok, this is really not a “proper” album but the film was kick-ass and so is the soundtrack! Plus it was the first time I came across ‘Armor for sleep’ and trust me with the amount of played them this year they deserve an include – this album also has wicked track on it by a band much higher up the listings….


17. HIM – Venus Doom

venus doom
Yet another solid album from my favourite ‘heavier’ band. HIM are often referred to as a “love metal” but are probably better described as a cross between Gothic rock and early heavy metal. Glorious guitars and singing throughout this one. Oddly they also came 17th last year…


16. Anberlin – Cities

Anberlin really do know how to make me rock and I think I’ve spent as much time jumping up and down in the bedroom listing to this as I have through any other activity this year… ;-p I think Godspeed is my fav track but I’m not entirely decided, depends on the mood.


15. The Academy Is… – Santi

Not as good as their debut album (was 4th in my charts, last year) but then again the first time I heard this was at the Reading festival – it can’t have been all that bad as I decided to keep watching them over the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!


14. Chris Cornell – Carry On

Chris Cornell
“You know my name” I remember hearing him shouting before he went onto that song at the Birmingham Academy this year, great live – oh and the album well, it opened my eyes to his music, bit lame that I really have only just started listing to him I know. Oh well.


13. New Found Glory – From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II

Ok its not a ‘proper’ new album from NFG but still you have to love it…. “oh, kiss me…” šŸ˜€ . This follows on from their last ‘proper’ album (“Coming Home”) coming 3rd in my charts last year.


12. Thirteen Senses – Contact

“Follow Me” says it all about this album, lovely melodies and strong singing – really does give me a feel good factor. Oh and in 2004 their first album made 16 in my charts….


11. My American Heart – Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather

The start of this album at first put me off… “boys! grab your guns”, hmmm.. but the track improves after about 2 seconds and the album just grew on me instantly…. so “boys! grab your guns, its all in good fun!”


10. Ash – Twilight of the Innocents

Do they need that woman playing guitar? After this album I would definitely say HELL NO! Great album (not quite as good as Meltdown, which came 6th in my charts of 2004), good to see them back with some good music – oh and they played a great set at Reading (did I mention I went to the reading festival?! :-D)


9. Editors – An End Has A Start

The second album from the Editors does not disappoint and they follow on quite nicely from their first album. Though it hasn’t made quite as much impact as their first album did on me.


8. Good Charlotte – Good Morning Revival

Good Charlotte return with another mix of “dancey” beats and some rocky overtones. Great album, I think this is probably my favourite of theirs. Oh and they still have time for some beautiful songs, I particularly think the words in “Beautiful Place” are quite nice.


7. Avril Lavinge – The Best Damn Thing

I know this is a bit teeny but so be it, I quite enjoy Avril… and yes that also includes “Girlfriend”, I’m really not sure why though… oh well. 7th is much higher than in 2004 where her album “under my skin” was 19 – so either I have regressed to being a teen girl (something I could never be)… or I have been hanging around a certain young lady too much… (:p)


6. Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

A cracking album, full of songs that you can dance to – well that I can jump up and down and look like I am dancing. Did I mention that I saw them at Reading this year? šŸ˜€ Its a really good album though like in most of the cases this year I’m not sure its as good as their earlier work but if you ignore a few of their more, I want to say ‘rappy’ (but that’s not right), crap songs then its a good one. Hallelujah!


5. Funeral for a Friend – Tales Don’t Tell Themselves

We start of in Oblivion and eventually we end up in a nice sweet place. A lovely album – with some really energetic moments. I’m quite happy relaxing to this or letting it get me nice and motivated. They did a brilliant set at Reading, probably my highlight of the festival looking back at it with time as my perspective.

4. Madina Lake – From Them, Through Us, to You

“Here I Stand!” the album screams from the start, the first time I heard this I was presently surprised by having such a brilliant opening track, no messing about – straight into it. I have to say I do find myself listening to the first half of the album much more than the second part, but I do like “Pandora” – the later tracks just don’t really have the energy of the earlier ones. Still though, a great album very deserving of 4th.


3. Paramore – Riot

A girl screaming her lungs out and a guitar being played rather aggressively… now what could be wrong with that? In my opinion not much. Paramore’s second album is brilliant and I think a massive improvement on their first (which I loved by the way). I’m still a bit annoyed with myself for missing a large part of their set at Reading (due to me wanting a fry-up for breakfast!) but I’m going to see them at Brum academy (in Feb, I think). Oh, they aren’t all shouting – they do have some nice, quieter, more melodic tracks – which really complement the strengths of their singer.


2. Maximo Park – Our Earthly Pleasures

Maximo Park are the band I have seen the most, I’ve actually lost count on how many occasions I’ve seen them (its definitely in the teens). Their second album does not disappoint. Frankly its fantastic. Something for every mood. I think my favourite song has to be “books from boxes” – and its probably because I love the intro. I’ve seen them twice this past year and both of their sets have been really good, mixing both this and the first album together. I can’t wait for a third. It was really hard to choose between this and the eventual winner….


1. Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

Without a doubt this is my favourite album by them since their first, its great. Nice mix of classic metal beats and some of their earlier work. “Bleed it out” is a great example of this, I just love the rhythm this song has. I also like the fact that this is quite a long album, with lots of tracks – and none are really just there as filler.


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