A Sunday morning stroll

Its not often that I actually go out for a walk for the sake of having a walk. I wish I did it more often but a combination of laziness and living in the city (with the same walk I do everyday) really holds me back. I’m sure that there are some really nice walks and interesting photos to take around where I live. I think I shall endeavor to do this more often. Anyway, today I decided to take a walk around some of the dishes here. There are many better walks to take, but its hot and I did not want to go too far.
Starting off I approached the first antenna and like yesterday work was going on, but it was pretty close to the floor and I thought that this was quite an interesting shot..
GMRT Antenna
It was really quite warm and I really wish I’d put suntan lotion on – but I wasn’t in the Sun for more than an hour in the end. After a while I decided it was time to take a break.. so I thought I’d try and do the “Contact” pose. You know, the film Contact? With Jodie Foster in where she “hears” the alien radio signal? How preposterous! If I’m getting this right she was using the VLA (in New Mexico).. and listening to the signal.. as if – can she do Fast Fourier Transforms of signals in here head? Don’t worry if that comment meant nothing to you – just me being a physicist. Basically there is no way she could do this. Anyway, I thought I’d give it a go. After gently setting up the camera (and the timer, the first time I’ve ever used this).. I ran and grabbed my laptop.
Me, telescope
Ok, its not great but you get the idea… shame I was listening to New Found Glory and not alien signals…
Oh and I found some more flowers to take pictures of.. I have no idea what these are again but they looked pretty and a great chance to take some colorful photos.
Flowers at the GMRT
Flowers at the GMRT

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