It’s 7am… I’ve been up 2 hours – why?!

Oh yes, the fun of early morning observations. Its just getting light here and I’ve been up for 2 hours! I know some people do this on a daily basis but I bet they were not working till midnight before then. I’m tired, slight confused and a bit disorientated about what the time should be. Oh well, I’m still quite happy – though I have to say I’m missing home now (especially a certain… xbox 360!). Anyway, yep I’m observing again. This one is going to be quite interesting, and should produce a paper no matter what. We are looking at an object that has been observed at high frequencies and I’m seeing if we can get anything from it. I’m a little concerned about the Sun rising though – I much prefer to do observation at night but then again the ionosphere is as problematic during the night as in the daytime.
I was going to blog these pictures later but something tells me I might well be asleep till my next observation begins this afternoon. So here are some pics I took yesterday that I didn’t blog…
GMRT dish
GMRT dish
and yes some more flowers
Flowers at the GMRT


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