A day out in London

On Saturday I had a day in London, this was primarily for the Federation of Astronomical Societies council meeting but since I got down to London a bit earlier I was able to do a few other things.
I managed to take a quick trip to the London Science Museum. I was actually very pleased with myself over this, navigating a very hectic tube system without my trusty diary map! Its actually pretty easy to get from Euston to South Kensington station and then walking down the huge subway to the Science Museum. The museum was really packed, but I didn’t expect anything less. The only real reason I went in was to take a look at the “new” (well since the last time I was there) space gallery. They actually have rebuilt the University of Birmingham built Spacelab 2, which looks really cool:
oh and they have a lunar lander mock up, which I’m sure will inspire a bunch of kids:
lunar lander
My main task of the day was a trip to the Royal Astronomical Society at Burlington house for the FAS meeting. I won’t bore you with the meeting, like always interesting but heavy going. I managed to take a shot of the RAS’s lovely galaxy window, I’m not sure who this was designed by and the exact name, but it pretty spectacular:
galaxy window
galaxy window 2


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