My new laptop – the Asus eeePC

It doesn’t seem too long ago I got all excited and went and got my mac book pro. As time has gone on I have loved that laptop (and still do) but I wanted to get a really small and truly light one. I had heard about the [eeePC] a while ago now and then the other day we came across it at, you may be surprise, Toys R Us! Turns out they were out of stock and after going back on Friday it was still the same case. After running around and a tip off from one of my mates (cheers Tony!) we managed to get on at Curry’s. I have to say I have fully fallen in love with it!
The key reasons I got one was: Size: 225 mm x 164 mm x 35 cm, Weight: 920g incl battery. Remarkable! It was also only £250.. so it is not going to break the bank.. and god forbid it happening but if it did get stolen its not quite the same as the £1,500 for the mac…
Though a bit small for my fingers its absolutely wonderful. It comes with a custom built version of [xandros] (a linux OS). Its a pretty cool operating system and after a few tweaks (take a look at []) you easily can have a fully windowing system and not just the default tabbed display. I now have an installation of XUbuntu running off a memory stick… which I will eventually replace with a SD card.. so I don’t forget to bring the OS with me! 😀 If you have one and fancy doing it take a quick look at: [installing_alt_op] or []. A cool video showing what you can do with Ubuntu on this small machine can be found on [].
What else to say but this thing is cool and has probably lead me to way too much distraction as of this weekend… and probably will in the next week!
For further reading the [wiki page] provides some interesting background… and if you want to know what it looks like on the inside then some cool (but maybe also crazy!) person took his apart [].


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