Physics Funding – the government responds

If you have been following the physics budget crisis with eager eyes then I urge you to take a look at the governments response to an online epetition to Downing St – [see here]. Personally I’m not to shocked with the response “but we have increased funding over the last few years”. I expected nothing more than this, and to be honest its not really there fault – its the STFC. Anyway, without trying to blame anyone, I urge you to read the facts. The only thing I’m going to comment on is this paragraph: “*This will ensure that the number of Astronomy post-doctoral research assistants funded in 2008, remains roughly level.” Ok thats true, for 2008 it is… but after then the number will drop hugely… and so will start the brain drain as young scientists, like myself, look for jobs elsewhere. Oh and I thought it was very funny the way they mention the USA government… do we bow down to them on science as well now…. mad.gif


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