Civilization IV on Ubuntu

Following on from installing Football Manager 2008 on my ubuntu machine (see: [here], I decided that I would try and install another of my favourite games… Civilization IV. I have to say it was probably slihtly easier than Football Manager (in that it did not need a virtual machine to install it) but it did involve actually doing a few different things. All good fun, especially when the game works. So what to do? (oh this is all on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)
1. Get Wine, sudo apt-get install wine and set it up, fairly simple – keep the defaults if unsure.
2. I have the DVD version of Civ4 but some people might have a CD version, if so copy over the CAB file to your hard disk off CD2.
3. Insert the DVD (or CD1) and run the installer with Wine. Cancel the DirectX setup. If you have the CD version, when it asks for the second disk just use the CAB file. The installer should finish successfully.
4. If you try and run the game it will not work. It will moan about you not having the correct dvd, guess why? Yep good old of copyright protection. The solution is first to patch the game to the latest version (I used the patch 1.61) – get from: [here]. Do not install Xfire. There should be an error pop up at the end, this is safe to not worry about.
5. You now need to grab a few directx related files – d3dx9_26.dll, msxml3.dll, msxml3r.dll (you can get them [here] or [here].)
6. Copy the DLLs into the Civ 4 directory. (something like /home/user/.wine/c_drive/games depending on where you installed it.)
7. You will need a cracked executable, i.e. one that will avoid the copy protection. I’m not going to post a link here but a google search should easily allow you to find one.
8. Now replace the Civ 4 executable with the cracked one.
9. Run winecfg, and add an override for msxml3 (native, builtin). Turn off “Emulate a virtual desktop”, set vertex shaders to none, and turn on pixel shaders. You might need to change a few of the other graphics options, especially if you want to make it go full screen.
10.Run Civ4 biggrin.gif but only so it can create the config files, once it gets to the menu exit. Don’t worry we are almost there.
11. Open the CivilizationIV.ini file in a text editor (probably located in /home/username/My Games/). Change the EnableVoice = 0 to fix the audio. Set the ScreenHeight and ScreenWidth to your screen’s height and width.
12. Play Civ4! biggrin.gif (just don’t change the resolution settings in the game).


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