Imperialism on Ubuntu

One of my favourite games ever is Imperialism (you can find a review of this old game, [here], from the title you can guess the idea. Its Civ like in some ways but completely different in many ways, its turn based and you aim to conquer the world – so I guess its similar. The units don’t have quite the same freedom but it brings so many different and cool things. Anyway after my experiments with getting more recent games working on Ubuntu I thought I’d give and older one a go. Now I have this working though a few things aren’t quite ideal and I’m yet to properly have a game. To wet your appetite here is a screenshot…
If you have a copy of Imperialism then follow the below, if you don’t skip down a bit (it might actually be quicker… but you lose movies and sound if you don’t have the disk – nothing much really though and it makes the installation quicker).
So does it install straight out of the box with Wine, answer nope. There are a few issues and I reckon I could have probably gotten around them, the most important is the 16-bit issue, but you can around this by setting,
sudo sysctl -w vm.mmap_min_addr=0
before you run wine. This is not ideal and still the installer crashes, you need to run it in Windows 98 compatibility mode but it still doesn’t work… bloody windows. So the solution – like with [installing football manager 2008] it is much easier to just boot up a virtual machine with XP (or some other windows installation) on. Make sure you run the setup.exe in Windows 95 compatibility mode. You should then be able to install the software. Don’t worry with Directx 5! You won’t need this. Once installed copy over the install directory to your ./wine/drive_c/ area. In Ubuntu now run the program, does this at the command line. It should now run, it might ask you to change the screen resolution. I did not. I have tried this install procedure a few times and it seems that you need to run the game twice after install to get it to work (not sure if it needs to create some files…). It then seems to work like a dream. Oh you might want to install the patch (probably best to do this in the VM before you copy it over… you can find the patch [here] or [here] (after thought: It’s much quicker to grab the files with the patch applied as suggested below…).
Currently I can’t get it to work with a menu item, but I don’t mind using the command line, its fairly easy to just type:
wine /home/me/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Imperialism_1/Imperialism/Imperialism.exe
How to get a copy? Buy one – well that is not that easy now. So see: [here] – follow the links to the yahoo group and join. You will find a nice patched copy. It is all installed, so you should have to just type wine Imperialism.exe in the correct directory (I quickly tried this and it seemed to work well).
If you want to learn more about Imperialism I suggest looking at either [this site] or [this one] though the later is in French and mostly aimed at the Mac version of the software (which I’ve run on my powerbook before, great fun!). Oh and don’t forget the Daily Imperialist and the attached yahoo group
Oh I also remembered a nice “tip” (yeah a cheat effectively): Balanced Resources
In the new game screen, ctrl click on the globe and type “Pippin”. The red country will start out with balanced resources.


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