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NASA Images

Browse a massive collection of images taken of our Universe by NASA missions – [].
The goal of NASA Images is to increase our understanding of the earth, our solar system and the universe beyond in order to benefit humanity.

Solar Eclipse on August 1

Don’t forget that next Friday is a solar eclipse! It is total in and around China but for us in the UK we can look forward to seeing around 20%. If you have some eclipse glasses or a means of projecting the Sun’s image (remember solar safety… do not look at the Sun, ever!) then you will be able to see something quite cool! Oh and its around 8.30GMT. [is a decent ref].

Aurora’s source found by string of satellites

We have known for a long time that the Aurorae is caused by electrons streaming from the Earth’s magnetic field onto the poles and then delivering a jolt of energy to gas molecules in the atmosphere. But what causes the electrons to do this in the first place? It sounds like the Themis mission may be onto something… [NASA’s Themis mission finds the trigger for polar light show.]