Europe 2008: Venice

I’ve just about gotten around to start thinking about my travels around Europe this summer, I’m not sure if I will actually get around to blogging about it all… but lets start, Venice. I wrote this on the train between Venice and Rome.
Venice is just different. I don’t think you can really make an analogue with anywhere else, well nowhere I have been to anyway. It is beautiful in its own way. It was also very, hot, busy and at times very annoying.. but fun.
We got to Venice later than planned due to our night train from Salzburg being a whole hour later than planned. Very annoying. The night train was good fun though. I slept well and it was quite convenient. I’d do it again. I was not prepared properly for the stewardess to take our tickets away but to be honest it makes sense. I was just tired and she was not really dressed like what I expected the Austrian conductors to look like. Oh the aircon did not work which became a problem on the long wait into Venice, especially after she had locked the toilet doors!
Venice itself – the train station is a dump, I moan about Birmingham’s but after this I love New St.! The left luggage had huge queues and was a complete rip-off but again I expected that.
Venice is a place you could easily get lost in, well I don’t think you could (with the sings), full of lots of street alleys and close housing. (I bet anyone from the USA would get a bit more disoriented – no grids here!). The housing makes good shade from the Sun. The first day I got
completely wiped by the lack sleep (we got on the train at 1am) and the Sun, which resulted in a long (I guess like the Italian’s do) lunch. Good pizza! We then walked over the Rialto and down to per San Marco. We looked around the main square but as time was getting on and I was feeling dodgy we got a boat (well the bus) down the Grand Canal to the bus station,
which when the new bridge is built will be very easy access to the train station. We spent the night at a nice little (probably not that little!) camping village. We had an ensuite shower in our 2 bed room – this went down very well!
On the second day I and Lizzie went around on our own as the other were going home. We walked gently up to the San Marco looking at the sights, all a bit later than expected due to the huge queue at the station left luggage again (it took 40 mins!). Due to time constraints (we had a 2.30pm train to Roma) we only had time to go around the Dodge’s palace. It is well worth the entrance fee, especially as a student (7.50Euro). Lots to see in this palace but I think my highly was the bridge of sighs and the fantastic banquet room.
If you would like to see more of my photos from Venice, see [my flickr page]

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