A Deep 150 MHz GMRT Survey in Eridanus

My second paper has been published biggrin.gif. This one is looking at low frequency source counts with the GMRT. It is titled “A deep 150 MHz Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope survey in Eridanus”. If anyone fancies reading it, it can be found on [astroph]. It is to be published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. In short though, we investigate the nature of galaxies at low radio frequencies, something that is apparently quite lacking in the world of astronomy – basically due to natural poor resolution of radio telescopes at these long wavelengths. Here is the abstract of our work:

We present results of a 150 MHz survey of a field centered on Epsilon Eridani, undertaken with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT). The survey covers an area with a diameter of 2 deg, has a spatial resolution of 30″ and a noise level of 3.1 mJy at the pointing centre. These observations provide a deeper and higher resolution view of the 150 MHz radio sky than the 7C survey (although the 7C survey covers a much larger area). A total of 113 sources were detected, most are point-like, but 20 are extended. We present an analysis of these sources, in conjunction with the NVSS (at 1.4 GHz) and VLSS (at 74 MHz). This process allowed us to identify 5 Ultra Steep Spectrum (USS) radio sources that are candidate high redshift radio galaxies (HzRGs). In addition, we have derived the dN/dS distribution for these observations and compare our results with other low frequency radio surveys.


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