Emulators in Ubuntu

I love playing games. I also love playing around with linux… so what better than playing around with old games by getting them to work on Ubuntu? How about instead of just getting PC games working we try and get old console games working? Even better. Shame that lots of people have already been doing this. That’s ok – I just get to use the end product, probably better in terms of the amount of time I would waste on this….
The first one I will mention is zsnes, a great little emulator for SNES games (well doh! it say it on the tin). Anyway, its simple to install in Ubuntu, just type: “sudo apt-get install zsnes” at the command line (or look the GUI repository software installer) – assuming you have the universe repositories setup. It works pretty well and I’d recommend taking a look [here] for further guidance.
Another emulator I have tried is DeSmuME – which is an emulator for the nintendo DS… to install “sudo apt-get install desmume”.
Anyway, I’m going to go and have a play with those… and I’ll post more back when I get chance but for a few excellent guides on lots of emulators I’d suggest you take a look at: linuxlinks.com and [thepemberton.com]


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