I was asked, “is this real?”

In the Shadow of Saturn; Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA
Indeed, it is though it is a combination of images. The idea of mosaicking, or composite making is used all the time in astronomy. Essentially its normally better to take two 5 minute exposures of some object than one 10 minute (for a number of reasons, that I can go into if we want).. but its scientifically fine todo. I do mosaicking all the time, with the radio telescopes I use (the GMRT in particular) we take images of a couple of degrees of the sky which means the sky is not flat, and so to produce the image by combining the power from each antenna we have to deal with the fact that they sky is not flat… this causes some awful mathematics, so to avoid this we cut the data up into blocks, make the images separately and at the end stitch them back together.


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