Convert images to a document (Ubuntu)

I’m currently working on refurbishing the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society’s Grubb telescope which dates back to 1882. Anyway, I’m not here to write about this, I essentially have a big bunch of pictures that I took when we took it apart and now I’m putting it back together I thought it would be rather useful to put the images together in order in one document. Of course, there are a number of ways I could do this – but I wanted a nice and quick solution, and I didn’t want to just print out the lot. I’m a Ubuntu user and as such I have a myriad of useful Linux tools all ready at the command-line and a nice a quick solution was todo the following:
Firstly make the images a bit smaller, they were all 2048 x something and that is just going to end with a large document so using mogrify I resized them:

mogrify -resize 800 *.jpg

This took 30 seconds or so, I had 60 images and so is easily scalable up to larger documents. Once complete I just used another ImageMagick tool, convert:

convert *.jpg output.pdf

This simply takes all the jpegs and adds them into a pdf, in alphabetical order. Excellent, job done. I can now print out the document using evince to get as many pages as I like out onto an A4 sheet… (I wonder how much grease and muck will get over the print out when we get around to putting all the bits together… I’ll let you know).


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