Even more images from Wast Hills

I’ve finally gotten around to finish off the processing of the less interesting observations we took at Wast Hills back on the 4th April. Most of the images here aren’t colour but some are quite striking and we will eventually go back and take colour images of them. If you haven’t already read – the first post relating to these images can be found [here] and the more recent, better, observations can be found [here]
Well lets start of with a nice colour image of the open star cluster M36 (30s in bgr):
Staying with the star cluster theme (30s in bgr), NGC869:
Going a bit fainter, and the detail is hard to see in this one, we have the Owl Nebula (30s bg20):
Next we have the striking spirals of M65 and M66 (30s bg20):
M105 is the is the brightest elliptical galaxy in the Leo I or M96 group of galaxies and it can clearly be seen at the centre of this image (30s bg20):
The grand spiral galaxy, M101 (30s bg20):
and the fainter but also a spiral, M99:
M102 lenticular galaxy in Draco (30s bg20):
M64 the famous Black Eye galaxy (30s bg20):
M42, the Orion nebula, firstly to see the detail at the centre (bg20 30s):
and then to see the glorious extended gas cloud (r 30s):
M84, M86 and NGC4387 – looking into the Virgo cluster of galaxies (bg20 30s):


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