Astrosoc: Meade DSI Pro II first light

A while back now (6th December 2008) Astrosoc (well me, Rich and Joe) went observing on the Poynting roof to try out the Meade DSI Pro II in combination with the 10″ Newtonian reflector that Astrosoc own. In short the observing conditions were fantastic but we had quite a few problems setting up the camera. We got a few shots but came to the conclusion that we really need to use a smaller telescope (or focal reducer) – more to come on this over the next few week hopefully now we have a smaller GOTO telescope. Anyway we managed to get a quick and out of focus shot of the Moon but its a start:
Whilst on the roof we had a bit of fun taking shots of ourselves observing, I particularly like this one I took of Joe whilst he aligns the telescope with a green laser on Orion:
Joe and Orion
Speaking of Joe and green lasers:
and here all three of us are looking dazzled by the bright flash (oh and yes that is a shopping trolley, we are students after all!):
Observing on the roof
Earlier that day I managed to take this shot of the Moon over the University campus:
Moon over campus
It was such a clear day, shame we didn’t manage to get any better shots – there is always next time I guess.


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