Galaxies and Nebulae…

.. another imaging session at Wast Hills. We have been rather lucky with the weather as of late (3 planned observing nights in a row have been rather clear!) and we managed to do some imaging again last Saturday and here are the results…
M101 that fantastic Pinwheel Galaxy (10x30s exposures in u,v,r):
m101 - Pinwheel Galaxy
M16 the Eagle Nebula (10x30s exposures in u,v,r ; I think this is a considerable step up from the last image I took with more nebulosity seen, to compare see [here]):
m16 - eagle_nebula
M17 the Omega Nebula (this object is between 5,000 and 6,000 light-years from Earth and it spans some 15 light-years in diameter; 10x30s exposures in u,v,r). This was probably my favourite image of the whole night:
Another view of M51 – the Whirlpool galaxy, I think I prefer the earlier image I made (see here) of this but this highlight the gas features (20x30s exposures in u,v,r):
m51 - the whirlpool galaxy
M64 – the Blackeye Galaxy – slightly disappointing, still you can see the feature for which it has its name. This needs us to take off the focal reducer and do far deeper imaging. (5x30s exposures in u,v,r):
m64 - blackeye galaxy
The colourful Ring Nebula – M57 (5x30s exposures in u,v,r) – this is one of the smallest objects we can see with the current setup. I’m very pleased with the colours and it has come out much better than I had expected.
M57 - Ring Nebula
M82 – the Cigar Galaxy (5x30s exposures in u,v,r), I think we can see more features this time but the colours aren’t as clear as the earlier image I took.
m82 - Cigar Galaxy


One response to “Galaxies and Nebulae…”

  1. Stewart says :

    More great photos, thanks!
    Shame I couldn’t make it 😦

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