Wast Hills Telescope Movie

Whilst observing the other week I grabbed some images taken by the webcams out at Wast Hills with the intention of putting together a short animation of the telescope observing. I’m pleased to say that it came out quite well (though some work could be done – i.e. taking a longer dataset and move rapid images.. but its a start), see below:

(if you can’t see the above the see the youtube page directly [here] or try the higher resolution (15mb) version [here] – it looks considerably better).
How was this made… in short using imagemagick on Ubuntu. To annimate the image and to decide what frames to junk I used:
animate -delay 45 -loop 2 *.jpg
But if you want to save the resulting animation you have to use:
convert -delay 30 *.jpg -loop 1 playme.gif
To stick it on youtube I wanted to make an avi file from the gif, so I used ffmpeg (well I used convert first but of course this is not necessary):
convert test.gif test%05d.jpg
ffmpeg -r 5 -i test%05d.jpg -y -s 4cif -b 5000000 -an test.avi


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