Messier night at the observatory

The last observing session that I’ll run for the foreseeable future at the University of Birmingham Observatory (Wast Hills) was last Wednesday and turned into a bit of a Messier object only night with a couple of us trying to fill in the holes in our Messier chart (there were quite a few and still are!). It was not the best night with some clouds around but overall it was fairly clear. We managed to observe (and take half decent images) of 22 objects. My favourite images from the night can be seen below:
M8, The Lagoon Nebula – 4x30s BVR
M10 a globular cluster – 2x30s BVR
M20 – The Trifid Nebula – 6x30s BRV
NGC 6960 – The Veil Nebula 4x30s BRV
Moon in the u band 3
0.0001s u-band image of the Moon
Others can be found on my .


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