My favourite music according to

Over the last 2 years I’ve been using to record the music I listen to. I know this is all rather geeky but if you know me then you will know I am indeed a geek, shocking eh! Anyway, enough of the obvious (though the rest of this post is probably also fairly obvious if you ever looked at my Ipod). Over the last 2 years has been mostly recording what I listen to, though of course it doesn’t have everything I’ve listened to (for example its only very recently that I’ve hooked up my ipod to it, so that probably means there are a fair few tracks missing) and that’s some 14,000 songs (the reason that I thought I’d do this post in the first place). According to my favourite band is Linkin Park (which is probably true) and is being rapidly caught up by Anberlin, of course my musically taste changes quite rapidly and this is just a snapshot over the last 2 years – I’m pretty sure that bands like Maximo Park, the Foo Fighters, RHCP, Ash, Muse and Greenday would all feature higher if we looked over a larger time base (then again so would Effiel 65 – you probably remember “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”?). Anyway, here are my top 20 listened to artists…
Nothing particularly shocking about it in my opinion, maybe I would have expected Maximo Park (they are 28th) to feature. Senses Fail and Disco Ensemble really were the two bands I listened to heavily during my PhD work, though I’ve also listened to 30 seconds to Mars (34th) alot.. hmm. If we just looked over the last few months then its Rise Against, Linkin Park and Senses Fail – I think I’ve had a bit more angst in my life and Rise Against to provide a nice aggression release. Oh and my most listened to track is Linkin Park – What I’ve Done.


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