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Calgary Hike 14 – McNaught Bluff

This is the second of my hikes around Calgary that are suggested in the book “Calgary’s Best Hikes and Walks” by Lori Beattie. This was a nice walk around an area I see on my daily commute to the University so I was quite pleased to final take a proper look around there area. I ended up walking some 9.2km (well according to Google maps) from my flat to the start of the hike and then around the hike. This walk took in McNaught Bluff and Prince’s Island (a place I’ve been quite a few times already, so I walked through the downtown instead.. fancied popping to HMV). Basically I started off at Riley Park, went up to Crescent Heights and back downtown. It was a nice walking giving a nice view of the Bow River, the downtown and the rocky mountains in the distance.
A view from McNaught Bluff of the downtown:
Calgary Downtown Mosaic from McNaught Bluff
If you look carefully in this picture (maybe click the link and blow it up a bit) you can see the mountains through the streets in the downtown:
McHugh Bluff walk downtown with mountain
The start of my walk was quite eventful, well firstly I almost got run over by some dumbass driver who was turning right while the lights were against him (its legal here, it appear) and thus I could cross, I even walked around the car to make sure he could see me, oh know he still went forward! I then spotted this gloriously blue building:
Blue building
I then saw a [cricket match being played] in Riley park!
I finished off my walk going through Prince’s Island park and then towards the where I saw a squirrel that was being quite friendly (probably thought I had food to offer), a marble mosaic (I’ve seen these before but the Sun was catching them really well) and then a few interesting pieces of artwork..
squirrel on prince's island park
flowers marbles mosaic
"Brothers" by Galts-Goldsmith (1997)
For more pictures from this walk [see my flickr set].

Calgary World Skills addon…

I should also mention that during our little walk around the world skills show my better half got asked to pose for a picture from a photographer from the Calgary Herald. The next day her hands under the hand sanitizer were on the the front page… not bad for 2 days in Canada!
Calgary Herald Lizzie Hands

Calgary World Skills

At the start of September Calgary hosted the [WorldSkills 2009]. This was a competition for the trades with 45 different skill categories during four days. The event took place at Stampede Park and since I hadn’t been around there yet I thought that was a good incentive to go and take a look around…
Stampede park
There was also a really cool [water pixel display]..

Calgary Hike 16

This is the first of my hikes around Calgary that are suggested in the book “Calgary’s Best Hikes and Walks” by Lori Beattie. I have to say the first one was quite nice, though this is one of the easier ones and I did have a good idea about the starting and end points. What with the bits at the start and the end around the downtown I probably walked 10km and it took a couple of hours. Basically I climbed to the top of [Tom Campbell’s Hill] (by climb I mean strolled) and you get a nice view f the Bridgeland area. The most impressive building on the hike has to be the copper-domed [Ukrainian Catholic Church] which is clearly visible for most of the walk. Here are a couple of pics…
From the top of Tom Campbell’s Hill…
Calgary Mosaic
Tom Campbell's Hill view of downtown + tree +b+w
after going down and then backup a hill you end up at the Ukrainian Catholic Church..
Ukrainian Catholic Church copper dome
The hike ends up down at the Bow river and you are given a nice view of the downtown:
Calgary Downtown and clouds
… the bridge has lions on it.. oh and what looks like a bison..
Bridge across Bow river
The rest of the set from the [Hike can be found on flickr]. Now what next..

Sunset from Calgary Tower

On Tuesday night Elizabeth and I went up Calgary Tower to watch the sunset and we were given a nice show. [Calgary Tower] is 191m tall and was opened in 1968, it is the second tallest tower I’ve been up in Canada, with the CN Tower in Toronto beating it ([this was a few years ago…]). I’ve also been up to the tower in the daytime and I think dusk is the time to go up… below are a few photos of the Sunset:
Sunset over the rockies from the Calgary tower
a cloudy sunset over the rockies
a fire in the sky over Calgary
I also put together a mosaic image showing a larger area (see flickr for the full image):
and as the sunset the lights of the city came out to give us another wonderful view..
calgary city from tower at night
Oh and here is the tower from junction of 4th St and 7th Ave (some distance away from the tower):
tower from afar
The full set of images I took during my time up the Calgary tower can be found [in my flickr set Calgary Tower at Night].

Walking around Prince’s Island Park

Calgary has quite a number of parks but my favourite to visit so far is Prince’s Island Park. It is an island on the Bow River to the north of downtown Calgary, thus making it about a 20 minute walk from my flat. The park (well I guess the island) is named after Peter Anthony Prince who founded the Eau Claire Lumber Mill. Here are a few pictures…
Statue on Prince's Island
Downtown view from Prince's Island

Lucy Hawking to visit the University of Birmingham

Travel through space with Lucy Hawking
The next talk in the Tea, Talk and Telescope series will take place on Wednesday 7th October at 6.30pm (with coffee and tea at 6pm) in the Large Lecture Theatre of the Poynting Physics building of the University of Birmingham. The talk is “Travel through space with Lucy Hawking – George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt” and is rescheduled from the May event.
This event is FREE for all.
“Explore the wonders of the Universe with author Lucy Hawking as she presents a young person’s guide through the galaxy! Lucy will be talking about her latest book, `George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt,’ the follow-up to the brilliant ‘George’s secret key to the universe’. Discover the mysteries of physics, science and the universe with George, his new friends next door – the scientist Eric and his daughter, Annie – and a super-intelligent computer known as Cosmos, which can take them to the edge of a black hole and back again.”
For more info see:

Calgary at Night

Last Sat I went out and enjoyed a night of karaoke… on the way back I took a few photos of Downtown…
calgary downtown at night, 8th st
calgary tower + traffic lights at night
calgary at night, towards tower