Sunset from Calgary Tower

On Tuesday night Elizabeth and I went up Calgary Tower to watch the sunset and we were given a nice show. [Calgary Tower] is 191m tall and was opened in 1968, it is the second tallest tower I’ve been up in Canada, with the CN Tower in Toronto beating it ([this was a few years ago…]). I’ve also been up to the tower in the daytime and I think dusk is the time to go up… below are a few photos of the Sunset:
Sunset over the rockies from the Calgary tower
a cloudy sunset over the rockies
a fire in the sky over Calgary
I also put together a mosaic image showing a larger area (see flickr for the full image):
and as the sunset the lights of the city came out to give us another wonderful view..
calgary city from tower at night
Oh and here is the tower from junction of 4th St and 7th Ave (some distance away from the tower):
tower from afar
The full set of images I took during my time up the Calgary tower can be found [in my flickr set Calgary Tower at Night].


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