Calgary Hike 16

This is the first of my hikes around Calgary that are suggested in the book “Calgary’s Best Hikes and Walks” by Lori Beattie. I have to say the first one was quite nice, though this is one of the easier ones and I did have a good idea about the starting and end points. What with the bits at the start and the end around the downtown I probably walked 10km and it took a couple of hours. Basically I climbed to the top of [Tom Campbell’s Hill] (by climb I mean strolled) and you get a nice view f the Bridgeland area. The most impressive building on the hike has to be the copper-domed [Ukrainian Catholic Church] which is clearly visible for most of the walk. Here are a couple of pics…
From the top of Tom Campbell’s Hill…
Calgary Mosaic
Tom Campbell's Hill view of downtown + tree +b+w
after going down and then backup a hill you end up at the Ukrainian Catholic Church..
Ukrainian Catholic Church copper dome
The hike ends up down at the Bow river and you are given a nice view of the downtown:
Calgary Downtown and clouds
… the bridge has lions on it.. oh and what looks like a bison..
Bridge across Bow river
The rest of the set from the [Hike can be found on flickr]. Now what next..


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