Hanna and Dorothy, AB

Today I went on my first “flickr meet” with the [Calgary group]. We headed off to the small town of Hanna, well primarily the derelict Roundhouse and then to the A&W (for those that haven’t experienced Canada that’s a fast-food restaurant chain). The roudhouse was pretty cool with lots of different material to work with (though it was bloody cold, lets just say I’m going to turn into an icicle over the winter here)…
Lets start with a mosaic of the site…
Hanna Roundhouse Mosaic
Inside it was pretty eerie, as if people had just left their cars and ran from the impending disaster which didn’t happen just neglect…
Looks like my kind-of ride
spare tire
One side of the building had collapse leaving wood everywhere…
Wood, wood everywhere
…the world is destroyed so where am I walking to..
the world is destroyed so where am I walking to
.. the use of military action (in the form of paintballs) was obvious:
Paintball strike
After a nice veggie burger at A&W we headed onto the ghost town (well almost) of Dorothy (I’m wondering what’s with all the girls names…) which I think is in the Canadian Badlands (no I’m not being a Cardassian… if you don’t know what that means then that’s fine to be confused, I’m thinking of one person in particular).
Downtown Dorothy…
Dorothy Mosaic
Dorothy Catholic Church, originally built in 1912 as a School, became a church 1944, last mass October 22, 1967…
Dorothy Catholic Church
Dorothy population 2 number of Churches 2… a divided community?
Dorothy population 2 number of Churches 2... a divided community?
Dorothy Catholic church from t'other church
Dorothy has some high tech security systems…
the defence of Dorothy
Danger do not dig!
Of course, however, it does have a grain elevator from the days of population…
Stump and Dorothy Grain Elevator
Oh and we stopped off to look at some hoodoos on the way back…
The full set of images I took can be found on my flickr account under [Hanna & Dorothy]


3 responses to “Hanna and Dorothy, AB”

  1. Stewart says :

    Great pix Sam. Out of curiosity, what camera are you using?
    (And the BRT is fixed, so I await my pix!)

  2. krioma says :

    Hey Stewart,
    Thanks… I use a Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS – so I’m the one with the little camera amongst a sea of SLRs..
    What did you try to observe with the BRT – I got an image of M81 back, was a disappointed but wasn’t expecting much with those short exposure times.

  3. samsmellsbad says :

    some of those photos aren’t too bad.

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