Mountain Lakes & Waterfalls

I meant to post this a while ago, just didn’t get around to it. While my better half was over visiting me in Calgary we went on a daytrip with [Brewster] (I’ve now been on two with them and I’d recommend them if you wanted to explore the rockies in a day) and thought I’d post a few of my favourite pic from the day out. Its also allowing me to remember days that were warm (it must have been around 30C when we went there, its currently -10C…!).
We went to Johnston Canyon, saw Castle Mountain (were we were told about [Eisenhower peak], tower shaped end of Castle Mountain.), saw Mount Temple (and the McDonald Glacier), drove alongside the Morant Curve (a view made famous by Nicholas Morant, who photographed the Rockies in the 1930s and 40s for the Canadian Pacific Railway and has the peaks of the Bow Range in the backgroud), Lake Louise, Lake Moraine, Kicking Horse pass (and the spiral tunnels), the natural bridge, emerald lake and into Yoho National park to see the Takkakaw Falls.
Johnston Canyon:
Johnston Canyon waterfall large
Castle Mountain:
castle mountain mosaic
castle mountain
Morant Curve:
Morant curve
Lake Louise:
lake louise and mountains
lake louise and Bow Range mountains
Kicking horse pass spiral tunnels (shame there wasn’t a train going through):
kicking horse pass spiral tunnels in and out entrances
Natural Bridge:
Natural Bridge
Emerald Lake in BC:
Emerald Lake in BC
Takkakaw Falls:
Takkakaw Falls
Takkakaw Falls rainbow
A video of the Takkakaw Falls:
in Banff:
Walking towards the mountains
banff manhole cover
More photos (if you are inclined) from the day can be found in [my flickr set for the day]


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