Organising FITS data

Over my years of teaching undergraduate astronomy labs I’ve seen many different ways that students save observational data, well its all FITS but the filename and extensions can vary. I’m intending to plough through the whole data archive of the University of Birmingham Observatory extracting spectra and photometry on the cleanish data. A simple solution when you get back from observing is to tell the students to simply rename the files, however, the archive (since I’ve been lazy when I made it) was just a compressed archive of all the raw data from the year (well source by source with all necessary calibration files). Of course I’m way too lazy to rename everything manually and so I’d like a little script todo this and to determine (since sometimes the students/staff don’t call bias frames etc or dark frames dark – I swear this is so illogical and I wonder how many hours can be wasted) what type of frame the observation was. This is actually pretty trivial todo using bash and grep and eventually I will building this into [pyspec]/[pyphot]… but for now here is the script: []


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